Screenshots Embers of Solace is a 2D RPG that tells the story of the rise and fall of a great empire, and what happened to those who survived. Lead your own path as you struggle to make life's difficult choices. Will you inspire to be a hero, or fall into the shadows?

Embers of Solace features no classes and no levels. Instead, you are free to pursue the skills you wish with no class "lockout" of specific items or skills. Master skills one by one or become sufficient at a few at a time. Choices you make in the game will impact your repuation, which will in turn impact who you can work with. Lose favor of someone? Maybe some gold coins can change that...


There are 5 races to chose from, and 4 factions you can choose to join. Additionally there are plethora of various guilds and orginizations you can join and complete quest for. Be careful who you make friends with, as some choices could impact some relationships forever.

Embers of Solace is still under heavy development and design. Expect gameplay and screenshots as the game is developed. Follow and like us on facebook and twitter for the latest updates.